Sunday, 5 May 2013

Summer is here!

Living in Canada we take our summers seriously. Why? Oh because! Come on! If you had freezing temperature for like six months out of the year, you'd take it seriously. Okay, listen, we didn't really have a spring. Why? No clue! Mother nature decided to give us the royal salute by freezing our nips off until we wanted to riot. I don't know about you but I felt like rioting.

So the weather began getting nice outside and I see the flip flops coming out and the short skirts and the see through clothing. But I kept saying there is no way. I am not falling for this nice weather and then it gets cold again and then I get sick. I did that last year and wound up getting so sick, I ended in the hospital. So this year, I was taking no chances. I still had my jacket on with my scarf and I was rocking those bad boys.  So earlier, I went to visit a friend at work, bring her some food then wanted to run some errands. The car had gas in it so there was no telling where I'd wound up.  Today, as I left her job and wound up downtown at Yonge and Dundas I saw something that really confirmed to me it is summer in Toronto.

I saw a girl wearing stilettos, a booty shorts and a tank top.  Just for clarification,  when I say booty shorts, I do mean booty SHORTS. Her butt cheeks hung out of it so yes, they were hella short short.

I chuckled. Got honked at because apparently I didn't move fast enough to go through the barely changed light at the intersection.   So yes my friends, Summer is indeed here!


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